Library to handle the X-NUCLEO-CCA01M1 Sound Terminal Expansion Board.

Dependencies:   ST_I2S X_NUCLEO_COMMON

Dependents:   HelloWorld_CCA01M1 HelloWorld_CCA01M1_mbedOS HelloWorld_CCA01M1_mbedOS Karaoke_CCA01M1_CCA02M1_mbedOS

Fork of X_NUCLEO_CCA01M1 by ST Expansion SW Team

Sound Terminal Library

Library to handle the X-NUCLEO-CCA01M1 Sound Terminal Expansion Board based on the STA350BW Sound Terminal device. A single board allows the output of a standard 2-channel stereo signal, while two boards stacked up realize a 4-channel audio system.

Power supply

The X-NUCLEO-CCA01M1 Sound Terminal Expansion Board has to be powered with at least 5V DC. You can connect the VCC terminal to an external power supplier or directly to the +5V pin of the CN6 Arduino connector.

Platform compatibility

  • This board can be currently used with the Nucleo F4 Family only, please see the ST_I2S library compatibility for further information.
  • The library is compatible both with mbed OS 5.x and mbed classic 2.x (to work with mbed classic, the main application has to import the "events" library, which is not included into the "mbed" library).

I2S Peripheral Usage

This board makes use of an I2S peripheral available on Nucleo boards, and when stacked up two times on the same Nucleo board each expansion board have to be configured to use a different I2S peripheral.

By default it comes with solder bridges configured to use the I2S1 peripheral, as depicted here below:


And can be set to use the I2S2 peripheral by configuring the solder bridges this way:


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