Library for use with VL53L0X, cut 1.1, based on mass-market API v1.1.


Dependents:   ConcorsoFinal HelloWorld_IHM01A1 m3pi_BT m3pi_LIDAR ... more

Fork of X_NUCLEO_53L0A1 by ST Expansion SW Team

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Stmpe1600DigiOut Class Reference

Stmpe1600DigiOut Class Reference

Class representing a single stmpe1600 GPIO expander output pin. More...

#include <stmpe1600_class.h>

Public Member Functions

 Stmpe1600DigiOut (DevI2C &i2c, ExpGpioPinName out_pin_name, uint8_t dev_addr=STMPE1600_DEF_DEVICE_ADDRESS, bool lvl=STMPE1600_DEF_DIGIOUT_LVL)
void write (int lvl)
 Write on the out pin.
Stmpe1600DigiOutoperator= (int lvl)
 Overload assignement operator.

Detailed Description

Class representing a single stmpe1600 GPIO expander output pin.

Definition at line 95 of file stmpe1600_class.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Stmpe1600DigiOut ( DevI2C &  i2c,
ExpGpioPinName  out_pin_name,
uint8_t  dev_addr = STMPE1600_DEF_DEVICE_ADDRESS,
bool  lvl = STMPE1600_DEF_DIGIOUT_LVL 


[in]&i2cdevice I2C to be used for communication
[in]outpinnamethe desired out pin name to be created
[in]DevAddrthe stmpe1600 I2C device address (deft STMPE1600_DEF_DEVICE_ADDRESS)
[in]lvlthe default ot pin level

Definition at line 105 of file stmpe1600_class.h.

Member Function Documentation

Stmpe1600DigiOut& operator= ( int  lvl )

Overload assignement operator.

Definition at line 143 of file stmpe1600_class.h.

void write ( int  lvl )

Write on the out pin.

[in]lvllevel to write
0 on Success

Definition at line 126 of file stmpe1600_class.h.