NetworkSocketAPI Test Suite for X-NUCLEO-IDW01M1 Wi-Fi expansion board.

Dependencies:   NSAPITests NetworkSocketAPI X_NUCLEO_IDW01M1v2 mbed

Fork of SpwfInterface_NSAPI_Testsv2 by ST Expansion SW Team


SpwfInterface_NSAPI_Tests is a test suite application for the NSAPI Tests Suite for the expansion board X-NUCLEO-IDW01M1v2. This library is only supported on NUCLEO platforms and any arduino platforms.

Example Application

The SpwfSAInterface class needs to be instantiated with the UART RX and TX pins used. Depending on the platform used, the pin numbers may vary.

E.g. For FRDM K64F board it is: D9 and D7.

For Nucleo it is D8 and D2.

SpwfSAInterface spwf(D8, D2, false);

First of all, the example application tries to connect to the SSID/AP which is provided in the program code. In order to connect to your desired SSID/AP please change the SSID/AP settings/text to the one which is used in the user's environment. Please also remember that the SSID needs to be connected to the internet.

 char * ssid = "STM"; //Please change to local SSID/AP name
 char * seckey = "STMdemoPWD"; //Please change password

The NSAPI python script needs to be executed on the server side before starting the test on the mbed platform. The server IP address and the port to connect to needs to be modified in the code below before starting the tests on the mbed platform.

nsapi_tests("SPWF Tests", &spwf, "", 32001);