STMicroelectronics' M24SR NFC Dynamic Tag Library.

Dependencies:   ST_INTERFACES

Dependents:   X_NUCLEO_NFC01A1

Fork of M24SR by ST Expansion SW Team

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for M24SR


C_APDU APDU Command structure
C_APDU_Body APDU-Body command structure
C_APDU_Header APDU-Header command structure
M24SR::Callbacks Object that contains all the callbacks fired by this class, each command has its own callback
M24SR Class representing a M24SR component
M24SR::M24SR_command_data_t User parameter used to invoke a command, it is used to provide the data back with the response
NDefNfcTagM24SR Helper class to use the NDefLib
R_APDU SC response structure


M24SR.cpp [code]
M24SR.h [code]
m24sr_def.h [code]
NDefNfcTagM24SR.cpp [code]
NDefNfcTagM24SR.h [code]