WIFI HTTP SERVER example for DISCO_L475VG_IOT1A board using ST BSP WIFI module driver.

Dependencies:   DISCO_L475VG_IOT01A_wifi

To use this example with mbed online compiler

you have to

- Set your SSID and PASSWORD in mbed_app.json

- Have an hyperterminal set with 115200 bauds, 8-bit data, no parity, 1 stop bit

- compile for DISCO-L475VG-IOT1A platform

- load the binary file on the platform

Hyperterminal will display the following message


- Connect another device on this wifi network, open a web browser on this IP address (here

- You will see on the hyperterminal that the server is started


and your web browser will display


You can send orders on the web page to switch on and off the led by clicking on 'Valider' button

To use this example with mbed cli (offline)


mbed import http://mbed.org/teams/ST/code/DISCO_L475VG_IOT01-wifi_http_server/
cd DISCO_L475VG_IOT01-wifi_http_server/

edit the mbed_apps.json with your wifi-SSID and wifi-PASS type

mbed compile -m DISCO_L475VG_IOT01A -t GCC_ARM

Load the binary file on the platform (drag and drop from the DISCO_L475VG_IOT01-wifi_http_server/BUILD/DISCO_L475VG_IOT01A/GCC_ARM/ directory)

Download repository: zip gz