Library for supporting the Nucleo Sensor Shield.

Dependents:   Nucleo_Sensors_Demo m2x-temp_ethernet_demo m2x-MEMS_ACKme_Wifi_demo m2x_MEMS_Ublox_Cellular_demo ... more

Fork of Nucleo_Sensor_Shield by Daniel Griffin

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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
hts221.cpp [code]
hts221.h [code]This file contains definitions for the hts221.c firmware driver
hts221_platform.h [code]
lis3mdl.cpp [code]
lis3mdl.h [code]This file contains definitions for the lis3mdl.c firmware driver
lis3mdl_platform.h [code]
lps25.cpp [code]
lps25h.h [code]This file contains definitions for the lps25h.c firmware driver
lps25h_platform.h [code]
lsm6ds0.cpp [code]
lsm6ds0.h [code]This file contains definitions for the lsm6ds0.c firmware driver
lsm6ds0_platform.h [code]
x_cube_mems.cpp [code]Implementation file for the X_CUBE_MEMS singleton class
x_cube_mems.h [code]Header file for class X_CUBE_MEMS representing an MEMS expansion board
x_cube_mems_i2c.h [code]Header file for a special I2C class DevI2C which provides some helper function for on-board communication