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Firmware SCO_EVB_01

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  1. How to update
  2. Download

This page describe about Evalution Board's DAPLink firmware.

How to update

This section is instruction of how to update DAPLink interface's firmware.

0. Select power source.

Select "USB" at "VIN Select" jumper.

1. Boot the Firmware update mode

Short the "SB104" with tweezers etc and plugging in USB.

DapLink Interface's MCU is boot the "ISP mode".

2. Update operation


Operate with "Explorer".

  • Windows will detect a removable disk "CRP DISABLED"
  • Remove the "firmware.bin"
  • Copy the new firmware file to the removable disk
  • Eject the removable disk
  • Reconnect "CMSIS DAP" USB port
    After, the new firmware is boot.


Update operation is not possible with "Finder".
Please refer to USB-ISP tool for Mac.


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