This is a mbed Client sample where ZXing is incorporated, and works on GR-PEACH and GR-LYCHEE.

Dependencies:   DisplayApp AsciiFont

Monitoring the application

Table of Contents

  1. Testing the application

The application prints debug message over the serial port, so you can monitor its activity with terminal software such as Tera term. The application uses baud rate 115200.

After connecting, you should see message below about connecting to mbed Device Connector.


Testing the application

  1. Flash the application
  2. Verify that the registration is succeeded, You should see Registered object successfully! printed to the serial port as shown below:

  3. On mbed Device Connector, go to Your device should be listed here. Please note that the endpoint name shown here should be the same as the variable MBED_ENDPOINT_NAME in security.h file
  4. Input barcode data from camera. If the valid data is input, the decode result should be shown in the terminal software as follows:

  5. Go to and specify MBED_ENDPOINT_NAME and /3200/0/5700 for endpoint and resource-path, respectively. Then, click TEST_API.

  6. The decode result is shown.

  7. Press USER_BUTTON0 to unregister from mbed Device Connector. You should see Unregistered Object Successfully printed to the serial port and the LED stops blinking. This will also stop the example application. Press RESET button to run the example again.

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