Code used for Sensor Expo 2016 - Balloon Game. More details can be found here:

Dependencies:   BLE_API mbed nRF51822



ROHM Balloon Game Demo Code featured at Sensors Expo 2016

This code was written to be used with the Nordic Semiconductor nRF51-DK.

This Code allows the user to configure two known pressure distances and save pressure readings onto the application. Then it will automatically extrapolate these values and allow the user to see the height of the board. When connected to a balloon, greater heights can be achieved and the board will return the current height of the board.

Additional information about the ROHM MultiSensor Shield Board can be found at the following link:

For code example for the ROHM SENSORSHLD0-EVK-101, please see the following link:


See Github Repositoy for additional information on how to operate this demo application.

Supported ROHM Sensor Devices

  • BM1383GLV Pressure Sensor


Please feel free to let us know any questions/feedback/comments/concerns on the ROHM shield implementation by contacting the following e-mail:

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