This is WlanBP3595 library for STA mode. This library only works with GR-PEACH. We performed the operation check on GR-PEACH E version. Please refer to LICENSE.txt about license of this library.

Fork of WlanBP3595STA by Rohm

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Data Structures

Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
GRP_WLD_BYTE_ARRAY_TByte array structure
GRP_WLD_CONNECTED_STA_LIST_INFO_TConnected Sta list information
GRP_WLD_DEV_STRINGS_TDevice strings structure
GRP_WLD_SITE_SURVEY_RESULT_ARRAY_TSite survey result array structure
GRP_WLD_SITE_SURVEY_RESULT_TSite survey result structure
GRP_WLD_STA_JOIN_INFO_TSTA join information
GRP_WLD_WPS_CRED_LIST_TWPS cred list structure
GRP_WLD_WPS_CRED_TWPS cred list structure