This is WlanBP3595 library for STA mode. This library only works with GR-PEACH. We performed the operation check on GR-PEACH E version. Please refer to LICENSE.txt about license of this library.

Fork of WlanBP3595STA by Rohm

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GRP_WLD_STA_JOIN_INFO_T Struct Reference

GRP_WLD_STA_JOIN_INFO_T Struct Reference

STA join information. More...

#include <WlanBP3595.h>

Data Fields

grp_u8 ucAID
grp_u8 ucSTAType
grp_u8 uc11gInfo
grp_u8 ucSecInfo
grp_u16 usWMMInfo
grp_u16 us11nInfo
grp_u8 aucMacAddress [GRP_WLD_MAC_ADDRESS_SIZE]

Detailed Description

STA join information.

Definition at line 328 of file WlanBP3595.h.

Field Documentation

grp_u8 aucMacAddress[GRP_WLD_MAC_ADDRESS_SIZE]

MAC address

Definition at line 336 of file WlanBP3595.h.

grp_u8 uc11gInfo

11g information

Definition at line 331 of file WlanBP3595.h.

grp_u8 ucAID

Association ID lower 8bit

Definition at line 329 of file WlanBP3595.h.

grp_u8 ucSecInfo

Security information

Definition at line 332 of file WlanBP3595.h.

grp_u8 ucSTAType

STA type

Definition at line 330 of file WlanBP3595.h.

grp_u16 us11nInfo

11N information

Definition at line 334 of file WlanBP3595.h.

grp_u16 usWMMInfo

WMM information

Definition at line 333 of file WlanBP3595.h.