Patched version of nrf51822 FOTA compatible driver, with GPTIO disabled, as it clashed with the mbed definitions...

Fork of nRF51822 by Nordic Semiconductor

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ble_srv_common.h File Reference

ble_srv_common.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  ble_srv_report_ref_t
 Value of a Report Reference descriptor. More...
struct  ble_srv_utf8_str_t
 UTF-8 string data type. More...
struct  ble_srv_security_mode_t
 Security settings structure. More...
struct  ble_srv_cccd_security_mode_t
 Security settings structure. More...


typedef void(* ble_srv_error_handler_t )(uint32_t nrf_error)
 Type definition for error handler function which will be called in case of an error in a service or a service library module.


static __INLINE bool ble_srv_is_notification_enabled (uint8_t *p_encoded_data)
 Function for decoding a CCCD value, and then testing if notification is enabled.
static __INLINE bool ble_srv_is_indication_enabled (uint8_t *p_encoded_data)
 Function for decoding a CCCD value, and then testing if indication is enabled.
uint8_t ble_srv_report_ref_encode (uint8_t *p_encoded_buffer, const ble_srv_report_ref_t *p_report_ref)
 Function for encoding a Report Reference Descriptor.
void ble_srv_ascii_to_utf8 (ble_srv_utf8_str_t *p_utf8, char *p_ascii)
 Function for making UTF-8 structure refer to an ASCII string.

Detailed Description

Definition in file ble_srv_common.h.