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ble_srv_cccd_security_mode_t Struct Reference

ble_srv_cccd_security_mode_t Struct Reference
[Common service definitions]

Security settings structure. More...

#include <ble_srv_common.h>

Data Fields

ble_gap_conn_sec_mode_t read_perm
 Read permissions.
ble_gap_conn_sec_mode_t write_perm
 Write permissions.

Detailed Description

Security settings structure.

This structure contains the security options needed during initialization of the service. It can be used when the charecteristics contains cccd.

Definition at line 178 of file ble_srv_common.h.

Field Documentation

Read permissions.

Definition at line 181 of file ble_srv_common.h.

Write permissions.

Definition at line 182 of file ble_srv_common.h.