Dependents of MAX7219

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Demo for MAXREFDES99
Use the MAXREFDES99 to display the time from a DS3231 RTC. Requires the DS3231 RTC, or a MAXREFDES72 which has the rtc on it.
matriz 8X8 SPI
visualizacion de la dirrecion segun la seleccion de 3 servos y un paso a paso
Realizamos una PCB para integrar los driver de los motores y el circuito de la matriz 8x8, trabajando ademas el núcleo STM32 f446re
example marix 8x8
FFT using CMSIS for non mbed-os for smaller capacity chips with DAC output e.g. F303K8 to display FFT to an Oscilloscope with example to send to MAX7219 LED Array cmsis, FFT, LED_Array, MAX7219, mbed
A program to measure the temperature using the Max6675 board. The temperature is shown on 8x8 Max7219 matrix display and it is saved on SD as well.
Projet pour réaliser un 1 2 3 Soleil automatique.
Project For EEE212 Course
led matrix based on max7219 connected to nucleo-l476rg
led matrix based on max7219 connected to nucleo-l476rg
pto el que lo lea
ptoo elq ue lo lea