Basically i glued Peter Drescher and Simon Ford libs in a GraphicsDisplay class, then derived TFT or LCD class (which inherits Protocols class), then the most derived ones (Inits), which are per-display and are the only part needed to be adapted to diff hw.

Dependents:   testUniGraphic_150217 maze_TFT_MMA8451Q TFT_test_frdm-kl25z TFT_test_NUCLEO-F411RE ... more

Issue: Trying to use with ili9320: what are differences between Bus8 and Par8


I am trying to adapt the library to an ILI9320, The ILI9320 has a mostly 8 bits interface with only a few commands using 16 bits. Most of the hardware implementations use a 8 bit MCU communication and a latch register to hold the high order byte when necessary to expose the 16 bits command on the ILI9320 side.

I am wondering where I should modify the code between Bus8, Par8, Bus16, Par16, could you give me any hints ?