Basically i glued Peter Drescher and Simon Ford libs in a GraphicsDisplay class, then derived TFT or LCD class (which inherits Protocols class), then the most derived ones (Inits), which are per-display and are the only part needed to be adapted to diff hw.

Dependents:   testUniGraphic_150217 maze_TFT_MMA8451Q TFT_test_frdm-kl25z TFT_test_NUCLEO-F411RE ... more

Issue: Compile error by overlap of word "LCD" in the FRDM-KL46Z

Dear All,

I tried to check the display in the FRDM-KL46Z, but was made to compile error.
FRDM-KL46Z has a LCD onboard. Therefore, the "LCD" was being used in a macro.

I think it easy to add a "#undef LCD" to LCD.h .

any ideas?

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23 Feb 2015


thanks, undef added in LCD.h, but the KL46Z macro is still visible from your main, just use another name for your instance or undef also in the main.c or .....any other idea?

UC1608 myLCD(SPI_16, 12000000, D11, D12, D13, D10, D9, D8,"myLCD");