Future Electronics

Founded in 1968, Future Electronics is a worldwide leader in electronic components distribution, and is recognized as one of the most respected and innovative companies in the industry today. Headquartered in Montreal and operating in 169 locations in 42 countries around the world, Future Electronics has earned an impressive reputation for providing outstanding service and developing efficient, comprehensive global supply chain solutions.

Team code repositories (10)

  • Mbed OS

    Mbed applicaton sending data from sensors on Seqana Environmental Shield over BLE.

    Last updated: 29 Feb 2024 27
    GitHub hosted
  • bd2808-driver

    Mbed OS driver library for ROHM BD2808 24-channel LED Controller on Future Electronics Sequana board.

    Last updated: 29 Feb 2024 5
    GitHub hosted
  • Mbed OS

    This is an example LoRaWAN application for Future Electronic Sequana/LoRa training.

    Last updated: 22 Nov 2019 61 7
  • Mbed OS

    Lab exercise code for FAE Summit 09/2019.

    Last updated: 18 Sep 2019 60 23
  • Mbed OS

    Fork of the official LoRaWAN example adapted for Future Electronic's Sequana board with SX1272MB2DAS LoRa shield.

    Last updated: 11 Sep 2019 59 28
  • Mbed OS

    LED driver.

    Last updated: 22 Mar 2019 10 128
  • Mbed OS

    This is a basic code to be used for Sequana BLE Lab exercises.

    Last updated: 22 Mar 2019 5 137
  • hs3001-temp-sensor

    Temperature sensor library for Sequana BLE Lab.

    Last updated: 22 Mar 2019 2 131
  • Mbed OS

    Example program to blink RGB LEDs on Sequana board in a rotating pattern.

    Last updated: 04 Mar 2019 3 40
  • Mbed OS

    This is a fork of mbed-os-example-ble-HeartRate maintained for Sequana compatibility. This application transmits a heart rate value using the Bluetooth SIG Heart Rate Profile. The heart rate value is provided …

    Last updated: 12 Feb 2019 1 27