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Sequana is the world first PSoC6 Arm© Mbed™ OS platform, designed by Future Electronics, Centre of Excellence EMEA. It includes a rich set of features (dual core MCU, BLE connectivity, security, motion sensors and expansion capabilities).


Known limitation : support for TRNG is currently in development.

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Sequana is a hardware and software embedded platform, enabling a low power, secure and connected rapid prototyping solution.

On top of the technical features, Sequana is supported by a highly technical team doubled with a strong partnership with ARM, Cypress semiconductor & Rohm.

Sequana Environmental is a market specific expansion, targetting indoor pollution sensor hub. This has been designed in collaboration with AMS, IDT, Murata, Sensirion, ST Microelectronics.

MCU features

  • Dual core MCU subsystem
    • 150-MHz Arm Cortex-M4F CPU with single-cycle multiply (Floating Point and Memory Protection Unit)
    • 100-MHz Cortex M0+ CPU with single-cycle multiply and MPU
    • core logic operation 1.1 V or 0.9 V
    • Two DMA controllers with 16 channels each
  • Memory subsystem
    • 1 MB Application Flash with 32-KB EEPROM area and 32-KB Secure Flash
      • 288-KB integrated SRAM
      • One-Time-Programmable (OTP) E-Fuse memory for validation and security
  • Security subsystem
    • Hardware acceleration for Symmetric and Asymmetric cryptographic methods (AES, 3DES, RSA, and ECC) and Hash functions (SHA-512, SHA-256)
    • True Random Number Generator (TRNG) function
    • Multi-faceted secure architecture based on ROM-based root of trust
      • Secure Boot uninterruptible until system protection attributes are established
    • Authentication during boot using hardware hashing
    • Step-wise authentication of execution images
    • Secure execution of code in execute-only mode for protected routines
    • All Debug and Test ingress paths can be disabled
  • Programmable subsystem
    • Analog : custom programmable signal chain is possible thanks to 12-bit 1 Msps SAR ADC / One 12-bit voltage mode DAC / opamps & comparators
    • Digital : custom digital blocks are possible via 8 macrocells to enable new digital functions like communication (LIN, SPDIF ...)
  • Bluetooth subsystem
    • 2.4-GHz RF transceiver with 50-ohms antenna drive
    • Digital PHY
    • Link Layer engine supporting master and slave modes
    • Programmable output power: up to 4 dBm
    • RX sensitivity: –95 dBm
    • 5.7 mA TX (0 dBm) and 6.7 mA RX (2 Mbps) current with 3.3-V battery and internal SIMO Buck converter
    • Link Layer engine supports four connections simultaneously
    • Supports 2 Mbps LE data rate
  • Generic information
    • 116-BGA and 104-MCSP packages with PSoC 6 and BLE Radio

Board features

  • Block diagram
    Sequana block diagram
  • Key components descriptions

    • CYPRESS PSOC63 BLE module
      • a 14.0 mm × 18.5 mm × 2.00 mm (with shield & integrated antenna) using PSoC63 ; an energy efficient dual-core microcontroller (Cortex-M0+ up to 100MHz & Cortex-M4F up to 150MHz) + BLE 5.0 radio ; highly programmable (analog, programmable digital blocks, communication) & secure.
      • Partnumber : CYBLE-416045-02
      • Datasheet : http://www.cypress.com/file/428336/download

    • CYPRESS Exelon FRAM
      • The Ferromagnetic memory provides an unlimited read/write cycles ; non volatility and low power are the key FRAM technology advantages. High performance QSPI interface provides best performances. They are ideal for critical data logging. We implemented a 4MBit FRAM.
      • Partnumber : CY15B104QSN-108SXI
      • Datasheet : http://www.cypress.com/products/excelon-fram

    • ROHM Motion mems
      • ROHM acquired KIONIX a global MEMS inertial sensor manufacturer. On Sequana, we support many ROHM(KIONIX) motion mems due to the implementation of 2 footprints on the board (2x2mm and 3x3mm). ROHM(KIONIX) have a broad range of consumer grade mems as well industrial derivatives.

        On Sequana, we focussed on the last category enabling machine health, vibration monitoring, profiling & preventive maintenance type of applications.
        By Default, KMX65 is populated enabling a combo 3D magnetometer + 3 accelerometer KMX65 is able to measure ±8g / ±16g / ±32g / ±64g full scale range for the accelerometer and ±200μT / ±400μT / ±800μT / ±1200μT full scale range for the magnetometer.
      • Partnumber : KMX65-2086
      • Datasheet : not yet public

      • The BD70522GUL is a Buck Converter featuring 180nA quiescent current and supports output current up to 500mA. With an Input Voltage Range from 2.5V to 5.5V and an output Output Voltage Range from 1.2V to 3.3V; BD70522GUL can provide 500mA as the maximum output current. It is packaged in a VCSP50L1C (1.76mm x 1.56mm x 0.57mm).
      • Partnumber : BD70522
      • Datasheet : https://www.rohm.com/datasheet/BD70522GUL/bd70522gul-e

    • ROHM Led driver
      • BD2808MUV-M is 24ch Constant current sink LED Driver with a high output voltage capability. This device is optimized for driving RGB LEDs featuring a 6bit Current DAC for each color. 8bit PWM control is integrated for each channel. it is packaged in a Small VQFN48.
      • Partnumber : BD2808MUV-M
      • Datasheet : https://www.rohm.com/datasheet/bd2808muv-m

  • Expansion
    • Arduino header
    • mikroBUS header invented by MikroElektronika, mikroBUS form factor allows to have access to more than 500 click boards to complement Sequana standard features. From sensors to motor control or wireless connectivity, to name a few of the additional functionalities, mikroBUS can help you to reduce your time to prototyping.
    • Power header We implemented a specific header allowing external power supply to be connected to Sequana. With the required DCDC or alcaline cells or anything else (Wireless power, energy harvesting...) many power scheme can be experimented.

  • Features
    • capacitive touch : 2 buttons & 1 slider
    • 2 user buttons
    • 8 RGB leds
    • Debug & programming (CMSIS-DAP, USB to UART & MASS storage), IO configurations & power measurement interfaces are provided

Expansions pinout

  • Arduino header

    Arduino pinout
  • mikroBUS header

    mikroBUS pinout
  • Power header

    Additional devices pinout

Application specific add-ons

  • Sequana Environmental
    • Overview
      On top of Sequana we designed Sequana Environmental which is an environmental sensor hub Arduino shield. Together with Sequana it is enabling a low power, secure & connected indoor environemental sensor node. Sequana environmental is a bundle with Sequana base board.

      Sequana Environmental

    • Block diagram

      Sequana Environemental block diagram

    • Software Related to third party software, source code is only available upon request. In order to get access to ARM mbed OS compatible software, please contact us.

Smarphone/Tablet & PC applications


Board preview: Sequana will be fully released during the beginning of Q1-2019.
In the meantime, please contact us for more information. Apps will be available when board will be launched.

Embedded demonstration software

[Repository '/teams/mbed-os-examples/code/mbed-os-example-blinky/' not found]

Import programsequana-rgb-led-example

Example program to blink RGB LEDs on Sequana board in a rotating pattern.

Import programsequana-ble-HeartRate

This is a fork of mbed-os-example-ble-HeartRate maintained for Sequana compatibility. This application transmits a heart rate value using the Bluetooth SIG Heart Rate Profile. The heart rate value is provided by the application itself, not by a sensor, so that you don't have to get a sensor just to run the example. The canonical source for this example lives at https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-os-example-ble/tree/master/BLE_HeartRate

More examples on Future Electronics team code page.

More information, contacts for buying

  • Deliverables
    • Schematics, board layout
    • Flyer
    • Customer workshop

  • Where to buy, contacts, get Sequana Environemental software
    please contact http://www.my-boardclub.com/contact_us.php for any ordering information or questions

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