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K2 Mountain Challenge


The K2 Mountain Challenge consists of two parts. The first part is to download the K2 Mountain Challenge application for your FRDM-K64F give-away board. The second is to plug your give-away board into the K2 Mountain and find out if you're a winner. Follow these instructions to participate in the K2 Mountain Challenge:

USB Connector

Downloading Your FRDM-K64F K2 Mountain Challenge Application

  1. Download the FRDM-K64F binary developed for the K2 Challenge by clicking the following link. ftf_oobe.bin
  2. Click "Save" in the pop-up. The default location is set to your mbed drive
  3. The binary will be programmed to your board. Once the file is fully downloaded, the RGB LED should be cycling through the LED colors. You can also press reset to restart the program.

Climbing the K2 Mountain

  1. After successfully downloading the application to the FRDM-K64F give-away board, take your board to the K2 Mountain and plug in the USB cable at the base of the mountain to the K64 micro USB connector (J22).
  2. Once the LED cycling sequence begins, press SW3 (located next to the tri-color LED).
  3. The LEDs should now be off and the K2 Mountain should recognize your request to participate.

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