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FTF 2015

Table of Contents

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Lab

FTF Slides (PDF)


  1. Registration - Sign up or login to mbed. Use htm file on MSD drive (the drive is named MBED) in your computer once board enumerates. Or visit mbed login link here
  2. Add board to your supported platform. FRDM-K64F platform page
  3. Get familiar with the online compiler,
  4. Exporting to KDS
  5. KDS Export Config
  6. FRDM-K64F friendly names to MCU pin names


Lab 1 - Hello world (20 minutes)

Lab 2 - Interrupts and timer (20 minutes)

  • Interrupts and timers
    • Challenge – Drive RGB LED while sleeping between state change
    • Challenge – Change RGB LED state but sleep between state change
  • Useful links

Lab 3 - Using sensors (40 minutes)

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