ESP8266 driver using the NodeMCU interface

Dependencies:   BufferedSerial

Dependents:   esp8266_nodeMCU1 esp8266_2_thingspeak1 Solarator_0-0-2 IoTBurglar_and_Fire_AlarmSystem ... more

Fork of ESP8266Interface by ESP8266

This is an alternative implementation of the ESP8266 driver that uses the NodeMCU firmware. The NodeMCU firmware provides a slightly larger feature set than the default firmware through a Lua interpreter.


This library is currently in Alpha. It is not feature complete and has some bugs, proceed with caution. Fixes and patches are welcome!

Interface changes

  • SSID and passphrase moved out of ESP8266Interface constructor and to ESP8266Interface::connect
  • ESP8266Interface constructor provides optional timeout parameter to specify how long to wait for network operations


NodeMCU defaults to a baud rate of 9600 instead of 115200 used by the default firmware.


To install the NodeMCU firmware, follow the instructions on the Firmware Update wiki page using the nodemcu_integer_0.9.6-dev_20150406.bin binary at address 0x00000 instead of boot_v1.1.bin and user1.bin.

Since the NodeMCU firmware defaults to a baud rate of 9600, the Serial Passthrough program can be used to get direct access to the Lua interpreter running on the ESP8266.


Working features:

  • TCP Client
  • UDP Client Transmit (Currently only UDP Server can recieve messages)
  • Single Connection at a time
  • Station Mode (Connects to AP)
  • DNS Lookups

To be implemented:

  • TCP Server
  • UDP Server
  • UDP Client recieve
  • Multiple Connections tracked through Lua variables
  • AP Mode (Act as access point)
  • IPV6 support (Existing issue with NodeMCU)
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