ZigBee IO Sampling Callback example for mbed XBeeLib By Digi

Dependencies:   XBeeLib mbed

This example shows how to monitor remote XBee modules DigitalInputs and ADCs. The remote XBee module sends packets periodically to the local XBee module containing the value of its DigitalInputs and ADCs. This library processes those packets and calls the user registered function callback so the user can handle them.

See Handling IO Data Samples from other modules chapter for more information.

Common Setup

Make sure you have a valid Example Common Setup

Example Setup


You have to configure the remote device 64-bit address by customizing the REMOTE_NODE_ADDR64_MSB and REMOTE_NODE_ADDR64_LSB defines with the remote XBee module 64-bit address.


On the Remote XBee module, wire following peripherals on the pins specified on the table and schematics or change the application pins according to your hardware setup:

DIO2/ADC218ADC (Analog Input)
DIO3/ADC317Digital Input


Running the example

Build and deploy the example to the mbed module.
Reset the mbed module so the example starts. You should see the example debug information through the debug interface configured in the 'Local Setup' chapter.
Once joined to the coordinator, the application will do following operations:

  • Register the function callback that will be called by the library when corresponding IO sample frame is received.
  • Configure the remote XBee module pins according to the table above.
  • Configure the sample rate.
  • Configure remote XBee module to send IO Samples to local XBee module
  • Periodically ask the XBee library to process received frames

When a IO Sample frame is received the user callback does:

  • Read DIO3_AD3 digital value
  • Read DIO2_AD2 analog value
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