Library to easily communicate with XBee modules.

Dependencies:   DigiLogger

Dependents:   WaterLogger XbeeGateway XBee_Cooker ProjetReceiver ... more

Issue: Wont compile with DISCO_F769NI

Hi, I have now tried 2 different laptops and I get the following error when trying to import then compile on this board. the import come out fine. but I get the following error when compiling. Any advise would be very helpful. - Rob

C:\mbed-cli\projects\XBeeDM_module_config> mbed compile -t GCC_ARM -m DISCO_F769NI [mbed] Working path "C:\mbed-cli\projects\XBeeDM_module_config" (program) Using targets from C:\mbed-cli\projects\XBeeDM_module_config\.temp\tools\legacy_targets.json [ERROR] u'DISCO_F769NI' [mbed] ERROR: "C:\Python27\python.exe" returned error. Code: 1 Path: "C:\mbed-cli\projects\XBeeDM_module_config" Command: "C:\Python27\python.exe -u C:\mbed-cli\projects\XBeeDM_module_config\.temp\tools\ -t GCC_ARM -m DISCO_F769NI source . build .\BUILD\DISCO_F769NI\GCC_ARM" Tip: You could retry the last command with "-v" flag for verbose output -