DigiMesh AT Commands example for mbed XBeeLib By Digi

Dependencies:   XBeeLib mbed

Fork of XBeeZB_AT_Commands by Digi International Inc.

This example shows how to read and change configuration parameters of either the local XBee module or a remote XBee module.

See Configuring local and remote modules chapter for more information.

Common Setup

Make sure you have a valid Example Common Setup

Example Setup


You have to configure the remote device 64-bit address by customizing the REMOTE_NODE_ADDR64_MSB and REMOTE_NODE_ADDR64_LSB defines with the remote XBee module 64-bit address.

Running the example

Build and deploy the example to the mbed module.
Reset the mbed module so the example starts. You should see the example debug information through the debug interface configured in the 'Local Setup' chapter.
The application will do following operations:

OperationXBee moduleparameterVerification
ReadlocalSLThe result is asserted against the known local module SL value. So just check the assertion passed
SetlocalNIClick 'discover remote devices' on the X-CTU connected to the remote. Should discover the local XBee module with the new NI (ni_example_local)
ReadremoteSLThe result is asserted against the known remote module SL value. So just check the assertion passed
SetremoteNIRefresh the 'NI' parameter in the X-CTU connected to the remote and check it has changed to the new NI (ni_example_remote)
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