High level Bluetooth Low Energy API and radio abstraction layer

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Data Structures

Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
Address_tBLE address
AddressType< A simple container for the enumeration of address-types for Protocol addresses
Gap::AdvertisementCallbackParams_tStructure containing data and metadata of a scanned advertising packet
baseBase class for all intances of SafeBool
BatteryServiceBLE Battery Service
BLEThe base class used to abstract away BLE-capable radio transceivers or SOCs, so that the BLE API can work with any radio transparently
BLEInstanceBaseThe interface for the transport object to be created by the target library's createBLEInstance()
CallChainOfFunctionPointersWithContext< ContextType >Group one or more functions in an instance of a CallChainOfFunctionPointersWithContext, then call them in sequence using CallChainOfFunctionPointersWithContext::call()
CharacteristicDescriptorDiscoveryContain all definitions of callbacks and callbacks parameters types related to characteristic descriptor discovery
Gap::ConnectionCallbackParams_tEncapsulates the parameters of a connection
Gap::ConnectionParams_tStructure containing GAP connection parameters
DeviceInformationServiceBLE Device Information Service Service: https://developer.bluetooth.org/gatt/services/Pages/ServiceViewer.aspx?u=org.bluetooth.service.device_information.xml Manufacturer Name String Char: https://developer.bluetooth.org/gatt/characteristics/Pages/CharacteristicViewer.aspx?u=org.bluetooth.characteristic.manufacturer_name_string.xml
DFUServiceDevice Firmware Update Service
Gap::DisconnectionCallbackParams_tStructure that encapsulates information about a disconnection event
DiscoveredCharacteristicRepresentation of a characteristic discovered during a GattClient discovery procedure (see GattClient::launchServiceDiscovery )
DiscoveredCharacteristicDescriptorRepresentation of a descriptor discovered during a GattClient discovery procedure (see GattClient::discoverCharacteristicDescriptors or DiscoveredCharacteristic::discoverDescriptors )
DiscoveredServiceType for holding information about the service and the characteristics found during the discovery process
CharacteristicDescriptorDiscovery::DiscoveryCallbackParams_tParameter type of CharacteristicDescriptorDiscovery::DiscoveryCallback_t
EddystoneEddystone Configuration Service
EddystoneConfigServiceEddystone Configuration Service
EnvironmentalServiceBLE Environmental Service
FunctionPointerWithContext< ContextType >A class for storing and calling a pointer to a static or member void function that takes a context
GapAdvertisingDataThis class provides several helper functions to generate properly formatted GAP Advertising and Scan Response data payloads
GapAdvertisingParamsThis class provides a wrapper for the core advertising parameters, including the advertising type (Connectable Undirected, Non Connectable Undirected and so on), as well as the advertising and timeout intervals
GapEventsThe base class used to abstract away the callback events that can be triggered with the GAP
Gap::GapState_tDescribes the current state of the device (more than one bit can be set)
GattAttributeInstances of this class encapsulate the data that belongs to a Bluetooth Low Energy attribute
GattHVXCallbackParamsFor encapsulating handle-value update events (notifications or indications) generated at the remote server
GattServerEventsThe base class used to abstract away the callback events that can be triggered with the GATT Server
HealthThermometerServiceBLE Health Thermometer Service
HeartRateServiceBLE Service for HeartRate
iBeaconIBeacon Service
BLE::InitializationCompleteCallbackContextThe context provided to init-completion-callbacks (see init() below)
LinkLossServiceThis service defines behavior when a link is lost between two devices
BLE::OnEventsToProcessCallbackContextParameters provided to the callback registered by onEventsToProcess when there is events to process
GattCharacteristic::PresentationFormat_tGATT presentation format wrapper
DiscoveredCharacteristic::Properties_tStructure that encapsulates the properties of a discovered characteristic
ReadOnlyArrayGattCharacteristic< T, NUM_ELEMENTS >Helper class to construct a read-only GattCharacteristic with an array value
ReadOnlyGattCharacteristic< T >Helper class to construct a read-only GattCharacteristic
ReadWriteArrayGattCharacteristic< T, NUM_ELEMENTS >Helper class to construct a readable and writable GattCharacteristic with an array value
ReadWriteGattCharacteristic< T >Helper class to construct a readable and writable GattCharacteristic
SafeBool< T >Template class SafeBool use CRTP to made boolean conversion easy and correct
CharacteristicDescriptorDiscovery::TerminationCallbackParams_tParameter type of CharacteristicDescriptorDiscovery::TerminationCallback_t
UARTServiceBLE Service to enable UART over BLE
URIBeaconConfigServiceUriBeacon Configuration Service
UUIDAn instance of this class represents a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) in the BLE API
Gap::Whitelist_tRepresentation of a Bluetooth Low Enery Whitelist containing addresses
WriteOnlyArrayGattCharacteristic< T, NUM_ELEMENTS >Helper class to construct a write-only GattCharacteristic with an array value
WriteOnlyGattCharacteristic< T >Helper class to construct a write-only GattCharacteristic