Azoteq IQS624 Serial Terminal Display Class

Dependents:   IQS624_HelloWorld Nucleo_ACM1602_I2C_DC_Angle

Library: IQSDisplayTerminal

Library for formatted display of IQS624 registers on a serial terminal

Screen Capture

Below is a screen capture of formatted output on a serial terminal program.
Note that over a million frames were captured with zero I2C errors. /media/uploads/AzqDev/iqs624-display-screencap-1m.gif

IQS624 Summary

Ultra low power I2C sensor for 2D Magnetic Angle, Capacitive touch and Inductive Proximity

IQS624 mbed Component Link

Components / IQS624
Ultra low power sensor for rotating magnetic field, capacitive touch, and inductive proximity. Empowers next-generation user interfaces.

IQS624 Pinout



IQS624 Connected to mbed LPC1768 board. The five wires are power(2), I2C(2) and RDY(1).

IQS624 Data Sheet

Azoteq IQS624 Data sheet & Evaluation Kit Information:

IQS624 YouTube Link

IQS624 1-minute YouTube video:

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