Ultra Low Power (5uA) 2D Rotating Magnetic Angle Sensor + Touch + Inductive Proximity (Metal Detect)

Dependencies:   IQS62x IQSDisplayTerminal mbed

IQS624 Hello World

Ultra Low Power (5uA) I2C ProxFusion™ sensor for 2D Magnetic Angle + Touch + Proximity

IQS624 connected to mbed LPC1768. The five wires are - 2x I2C, 2x Power, 1x RDY.
You can get get a low cost (<$10) evaluation kit containing the small board shown above (cables & LPC1768 not included) from Mouser - http://bit.ly/IQS624-Eval-Kit-Mouser

IQS624 Information

Azoteq IQS624 is an ultra low power (5uA) I2C sensor for 2D Rotating Magnetic Fields, Capactive Touch and Inductive Proximity.
Designed for next generation user interfaces.

Data sheet & eval kit info: http://www.azoteq.com/products/proxfusion/iqs624?mbed

IQS624 mbed Component Link

Components / IQS624
Ultra low power sensor for rotating magnetic field, capacitive touch, and inductive proximity. Empowers next-generation user interfaces.

IQS624 Pinout


IQS624 Data Sheet & Evaluation Kit Information


IQS624 Interconnection

IQS624 connected to mbed Teensy 3.1 (actually Teensy 3.2) using 5 wires - 2x I2C, 2x Power, 1x RDY.

IQS624 YouTube Links

IQS624 1-minute YouTube video: http://bit.ly/IQS624Video

ProxFusion for active pens: https://youtu.be/tUImswNPQY4