Low Cost Evaluation Board for Azoteq IQS624 Ultra Low Power (5uA) I2C Multi-Function Sensor with 2D Rotating Magnetic Angle Sensor, Touch and Inductive Proximity (Metal Detect)

Hello World

Import programIQS624_HelloWorld

Ultra Low Power (5uA) 2D Rotating Magnetic Angle Sensor + Touch + Inductive Proximity (Metal Detect)


Import libraryIQS62x

Library to read and write Azoteq IQS6xx device registers via I2C.




Connecting IQS624 to mbed Hardware


IQS624 connected to mbed LPC1768 board.
The brown, grey and white wires are SCL, SDA and RDY.
The red and black wires are GND and 3.3V.

Data Sheet & Eval Kit Information

IQS624DisplayTerminal Library

Formatted Display of IQS624 registers on a serial terminal.

Import libraryIQSDisplayTerminal

Azoteq IQS624 Serial Terminal Display Class

IQS624 connected to mbed/STMicroelectronics Nucleo-L152RE development board.
The grey wire is RDY.
The red and black wires are GND and 3.3V.
The two I2C connections SCL and SDA are directly plugged into the Arduino socket (CN5) below using two header pins.

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