Host library for controlling a WiConnect enabled Wi-Fi module.

Dependents:   wiconnect-ota_example wiconnect-web_setup_example wiconnect-test-console wiconnect-tcp_server_example ... more

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Data Structures

Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
BufferGeneric buffer type
CallbackGeneric callback function
CommandQueueClass for hold queued commands
EndpointIP Endpoint (address, port)
FileInterfaceThe provides an interface for creating TCP/UDP/TLS/HTTP client sockets
FileListWiConnect WiFi module file listing
FunctionPointerGeneric function pointer stream or control value
GhmElementArrayArray of stream or control values
GhmInterfaceThe provides an interface for
GhmMessageContains single entry from message listing
GhmMessageListList of messages
HttpSocketArgsStruct for hold HTTP socket configuration
in_addrFor compatibility with BSD code
LogFuncLogging callback function
MacAddressNetwork MAC Address type
NetworkInterfaceThe provides an interface for joining and/or creating a network
QueuedCommandClass which contains command for asynchronous processing
ReaderFuncGeneric data reading callback function
ScanResultContains single entry from WiFi scan results
ScanResultListList of WiFi network scan results
SerialConfigHost<->Wiconnect Module serial configuration
SocketSocket file descriptor and select wrapper
SocketInterfaceThe provides an interface for creating TCP/UDP/TLS/HTTP client sockets
SocketIrqHandlerMapGeneric callback function
SsidNetwork SSID type
TCPSocketConnectionTCP socket connection
TCPSocketServerTCP Server
TimeoutTimerClass for maintaining command processing timeouts
UDPSocketUDP Socket
WiconnectThe root WiConnect library class
WICONNECT_PERIODIC_TIMER_BASE_CLASSClass for periodically calling a supplied callback
WICONNECT_SERIAL_BASE_CLASSSerial class for interfacing to WiConnect WiFi module
WiconnectFileWiConnect WiFi module file object
WiconnectSocketConnection object to remote server
WiconnectUdpServerUDP Server Listening socket