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DISCO-F769NI_AUDIO_demo cannot get analog mic input to work

So, there is a repository https://github.com/ProjectsByJRP/audio_pass-through with working loopback. However I cannot port this code to mbed in any way. Seems, that mbed is taking over needed interrupts. Is it only possible to make it work in eclipse environment?

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Hi Michal,

In general if the project is not originally Mbed OS project and it contains low level code like interrupt it will require lot's of manual work to be able to convert Mbed OS project. Unfortunately there is now short cuts for this.

Regards, Pekka

I am completely aware of that. However board definition in official ST tools is completely wrong, so I was looking for "quick and easy" way to test the solution. Finally gave up and wrote all the needed code on LL.

posted by Michal Wisniewski 09 Nov 2019
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board definition in official ST tools is completely wrong

Could you add more details ?

wrote all the needed code on LL

Same question


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