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how to exchange data with my phone

I want to know that how does the hc05 work and how to write a code which can be used to send information between hc05 and serial assistant on my phone.(just like what is the start signal of hc05 sending information) I want to make ture the anto small car which is controlled by my phone using hc05.

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Start looking this document: http://www.electronicaestudio.com/docs/istd016A.pdf It describes HC-05 quite well (how to contror HC-05 using ATCommands).

Serial connection between HC-05 and another microcontroller can be seen from google images if you search: hc05 connection

Here you will find code example about connecting Arduino board to HC-05 https://howtomechatronics.com/tutorials/arduino/arduino-and-hc-05-bluetooth-module-tutorial/

This document have information about phone connection. https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-from-Android-over-Bluetooth/

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This works well, a good introduction to BLE