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How to use ble over uart


I have been using an mbed supported MCU with a separate bluetooth classic module to communicate over UART with a computer. I wanted to make the system smaller, and am considering using a MCU with ble/bluetooth built in. I have several questions.

1. If I use a MCU with ble, can I use example codes for ble over UART to easily send and receive data like as in bluetooth classic?

2. Since PCs don't support bluetooth classic, is there a ble dongle that is programmed to convert the ble data to UART such that I can use a serial terminal on the PC to communicate?


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5 months, 3 weeks ago.

I would suggest to look at the NORDIC targets:


These have a lot of examples on Mbed and its BLE is well supported in Mbed-os.

There is also a 'Dongle' available that should fit your PC requirements.

They are not the fastest MCU's due to generally Bluetooth is used mainly in low power battery operated functions.

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