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Having trouble getting MAX32630FTHR to work with mbed 5.12.1 any examples out there ?

Specifically getting USBSerial to work. I see older examples use what looks like a separate USBDevice lib but mbed 5.12.1 has that under mbed-os\usb. Also, various samples have issues with how call backs are used in the USB lib. I may have worked a combination of mbed 5.11.5 and the older USBSerial but wow it is rough navigating what libs work with what. Even the MaximOfficial samples use old mbed revisions, eg. temp samples as of this post use 5.6.4... I'm too new to mbed to know if this is a big deal or not and am looking for guidance. Eventually I'll be working on the SD Card but that seems even harder to find compaibility than the USBSerial libs.

I really want to start using maxim products so thanks for any tips !

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I have similar issues with serial, no answer, not sure if anyone is supporting these boards.

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