6 months ago.

Serial port Tx problem.

Just got this kit along with MAX32620FTHR kit and found that the separate DAP programmer boards are also usable, very impressed!

I want to connect a serial Wi-Fi module ESP8266. I have a full functioning ESP8266 driver library that includes a buffered serial driver :

This works faultless (I'm using Mbed 2) with all my ST and NXP and Si-Labs boards but won't work with either of these boards. ( I have set the pin Vcc's to 3.3v).

Trying various code examples I find Serial Tx and Rx is working with some Oled displays and GPS modules, however when I try Serial Attach IRQ functions it goes wrong. Sometimes it will run for a while and I get Rx and Tx data then it stops and finally I get MCU lock out. I get nothing using the Buffered Serial code.

Could you guys advise please.

Thank you


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