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Puzzled about the relationships with platforms and Mbed OS 2/5?

Hi, when I read the materials about "Arm Mbed OS 2 vs. Arm Mbed OS 5" in the mbed website, I'm puzzled about the relationships with platforms and Mbed OS 2/5. For example, in the page of seeed Arch Max, on the right-hand sidebar under the green "Follow" button, only "Mbed OS 2" list. Does it means that the APIs of Mbed OS 5 cannot be used for this platform? This platform only supports the Mbed OS 2 APIs?

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Well, Seeed Arch Max is in the Mbed OS5 library set, so it should work:


However the if you look to left of the 'boards' page you have Mbed OS support, selecting any OS5 does not show this board.

You could try the OS5 Hello World


Accepted Answer

Hi, thanks for replying. Does the "STM32F407xG" means that MCU(STM32F407ZET6) on Arch Max board can be replaced by other MCU, such as STM32F407ZGT6? And for the other boards which just support Mbed OS 2 can't run the Mbed OS 5 APIs?

posted by wang gaoteng 01 Apr 2019

Different MCU versions will have different Flash/Ram amounts even if pin compatible. If the MCU version is in the Mbed board line up then it can be used.

OS5 uses more resources Flash/Ram, most boards with 128k Flash or more should work.

posted by Paul Staron 08 Apr 2019