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mbedtls on nucleo-L476rg

Hello all,

I'm trying to get the mbedtls client example working with the nucleo-L476. The issue is that the processor spins forever when mbedtls_ctr_drbg_seed is called. My hunch is that the random number generator hasn't been initialized to the correct clock source (or any), but it also could be that it wasn't added as a source to for the seed. Has anyone else gotten this to work yet?

I would have attached the code, but really it's the stock code from HelloHttpsClient.cpp.

PS, In case you are wondering, I can connect to the network and can fetch a standard http page, and such.


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Just for information, mbed-os TRNG test is OK :

  • NUCLEO_L476RG ARM tests-mbed_hal-trng TRNG: trng_test => OK
  • NUCLEO_L476RG GCC_ARM tests-mbed_hal-trng TRNG: trng_test => OK
  • NUCLEO_L476RG IAR tests-mbed_hal-trng TRNG: trng_test => OK


Thank you Jerome, also, I should note that I can run the TLS benchmark tests just fine. Very puzzling.

posted by Rod Landers 12 Mar 2019