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Stm32L4 best low power mode for accelerometer application and how to wakeup on falling edge?


I wanna use the lowest power mode possible for my stm32l432kc. I want MCU to wakeup on accelerometer motion. I've read in AN4621(page 13) that i2c is detected only in stop mode and that it generate a wakeup on i2c address detection (if I understand it correctly). But as I explained this is not what I want. I wish if I can use the shutdown mode.

My second question is, the accelerometer interrupt pin is 0 when there is motion, is it possible to wakeup the MCU with low edge? and if so, guide with the programming of generating an interrupt please

In deeplseep I2C is turned off, I recommend to use an extra intr input wire.

posted by Helmut Tschemernjak 10 Feb 2019

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My possible guidance will not cover mbed. Just check here. And may be you can adapt it to mbed in one way or another.


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