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Support for STM32L4R9 suggested by mbed.htm located on the device

I'm performing a roadtest fot on the STM32L4R9 Discovery kit.

When I connect my STM32L4R9 Discovery kit to USB, I can open a drive with a MBED.HTM file on it. This suggest that this kit is supported by MBED. But when I double click on this file (url="), the mbed website is opened and it tells me that the DISCOL3R9I is not supported.

Will it be in the near future?

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The MBED.HTM file is created per default on all boards during production phase as it cannot be added later on. It is a bit confusing but the "meaning" of this file is more that the board is "MBED compliant" than "MBED enabled".

It is not in our plan to add the DISCO_L4R9ZI on mbed in the short-term. But we have added recently the NUCLEO_L4R5ZI on mbed-os GitHub and the SDK files should be very close to this board.

Community help is welcome and we have added also this wiki page for porting instructions:


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