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Which Boards may I to use for powerline comunication in house?

Hi to all, nice to meet you, I'm a engineering student from Italy. I would like to make a system that control current absorption in my house, using mbed OS and Arm-Boards. I should to implement a system for my first level thesis . I would like to make a system that use the powerLine Comunication to control all the appliances. Professor said me, that I may to make a study about PLC (powerLine Comunication) and make an experence with mbed OS. I don't know mbed OS. I had experiences about Arduino in past, but I never use mbed OS.

Someone kindly could help me? thank you

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If you are going to be passing data over powerline systems then a board with an Ethernet socket built in would seem logical. Beyond that it's purely what capabilities you will need. How much processing power? How much memory? etc...

If unsure then something like the F767 https://os.mbed.com/platforms/ST-Nucleo-F767ZI/ may be a good idea, it's one of the higher end boards and so is probably overkill but 10 times too much memory is better than 1 byte too little. It's also very cheap for what it can do, or it is in the UK, I know prices can vary with location.

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Where Can I find some examples, tutorial or something like that, which it can learning me How to implement a PLC comunication? In Mbed website Can I find something? My question is also, which transreceiver Can I buy? Are there some tutorials in the website that could help me? thank you for your time.

posted by Raffaele M. 19 Mar 2018

I have no idea on the PLC side, I could google it but then so can you so I don't see how that would be of much help.

posted by Andy A 20 Mar 2018