3 years, 4 months ago.

hyperterminal not working

the serial driver installer doesnt detect the device although st link does.

also tera term (hyperterminal) detects and starts the reading but nothing is read.


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The 32L0538DISCOVERY board helps you to discover the ultra-low-power microcontrollers of the STM32 L0 series.

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3 years, 4 months ago.


From https://os.mbed.com/platforms/ST-Discovery-L053C8/

Did you check this part:


Virtual Com Port configuration

By default the Virtual Com Port is not enabled. To enable it, you need to close SB2 and SB3 and open SB14 and SB15 solder bridges.

2 years, 11 months ago.

I have an STM32L0538-DISCO board from a seminar a couple years ago and had to do the following to get the serial output to work:

  • Close the SB2 and SB3 solder bridges
  • SB14 and SB15 were already open on mine
  • Update the ST-Link/V2 firmware

Until I updated the STLINK firmware, the USB serial port showed up and connected in my terminal emulator (on a Mac) but no data was received.