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Are MBED bin files full of rubbish?


Looking at the end of a simple blinky app for the lpc1114 i found this:

_ptr == (T *)&_data /home/jenkins/mbed_jenkins/workspace/bm_wrap/1661/mbed-os/BUILD/mbed/platform/SingletonPtr.h extras/mbed_e7ca05fa8600/TARGET_LPC1114/TARGET_NXP/TARGET_LPC11XX_11CXX/gpio_object.h /home/jenkins/mbed_jenkins/workspace/bm_wrap/1661/mbed-os/targets/TARGET_NXP/TARGET_LPC11XX_11CXX/gpio_api.c /home/jenkins/mbed_jenkins/workspace/bm_wrap/1661/mbed-os/BUILD/mbed/TARGET_LPC1114/TARGET_NXP/TARGET_LPC11XX_11CXX/gpio_object.h /home/jenkins/mbed_jenkins/workspace/bm_wrap/1661/mbed-os/targets/TARGET_NXP/TARGET_LPC11XX_11CXX/pinmap.c

This carries on for a further 5-6 lines. It makes me wonder if someone is running the MBED compiler from home??? Comments welcome!


Jenkins is a software package for automating builds and reporting errors. /home/jenkins will be the working directory of a user account on the build server that was created for the jenkins software to use.

posted by Andy A 11 Dec 2017
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2 Answers

1 year, 10 months ago.

MBED online compiler creates debug builds. So there will be info about source files to give you the error location via serial port / debugger if firmware crashes.

1 year, 10 months ago.

If you need to get rid of rubbish, run mbed compile --profile=release (not possible in the online compiler). This will get rid of all the debug information.

To see what's in the bin file, you can use the linker visualizer.

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