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Where are documentation and samples?


we are struggling with BLE and Wifi with Odin and mbed 5. It seems like there is only a *single* working sample for Wifi available (client only), there are *no* samples for BLE at all. Also the provided documentation is a quite lacking...

And yes, we read through the BLE and Wifi documentation on the github pages, but they do not show any usage pattern for the given APIs.

Can anybody point to usefull samples and documentation for this module (we could not get anything from u-blox support, they told us this is only supported by the mbed community)?


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The EVK‑ODIN‑W2 is designed for use with Arm® Mbed™ and is a complete starter kit that allows quick prototyping of a variety of applications for Internet of Things. The support …

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Here is a list of documentation for the u-blox ODIN-W2 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers:

Available examples:

Hi apet u-blox, this is exactly the documentation we have already seen, read and used and which was not sufficient to actually use the product in a real-world case.


  • there is no working BLE sample
  • there is no Wifi WPA-EAP (Enterprise) documentation or sample
  • the BLE documentation is incomplete - it only explains functions and their arguments, it is *not* clear on how to use these functions to create a working GATT server.

I think it should be not too difficult for u-blox to provide samples, at least they should have something to test the stack (the binary driver). Or does nobody at u-blox actually test the stack?


posted by mbed he 20 Sep 2017

Please note that WiFi Enterprise is not supported by the ODIN-W2 Wi-Fi driver in mbed-os 5. See forum topic: https://os.mbed.com/forum/platform-180-u-blox-C029-community/topic/28004/

We appreciate your feedback and will use it to evaluate improvements to our deliverables.

posted by apet u-blox 20 Sep 2017