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Board is not working


I have one F411 board and just few days ago I was able to print uart message and play with LED blinking. However, for some reason today when I was using it, it wouldn't work printing anything nor flashing LED.

Is there anything I can check to troubleshooting this?

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Affordable and flexible platform to ease prototyping using a STM32F411RET6 microcontroller.

Does the power light come on?

Next,.. What OS are you using, Linux? Not knowing that can't give details but the first thing to try is to plug it into a USB portend then look at the list of USB devices on your computer. With a Mac you'd look under "About this Mac". See if the Nucleo is on that list

posted by Chris Albertson 02 May 2017

LD1 did turn on, also LD3. LD2 didn't.

I'm using Windows 10. Again, I was able to see uart print and LED flashing few days ago. I am using same environment but couldn't work now.

posted by PixArt Imaging 02 May 2017

Hi, Could you verify JP5 if it is in U5V or E5V. Also JP6 with IDD Jumper. Best regards.

posted by Felícito Manzano 03 May 2017

it's U5V and IDD jumper is on. I am based in Sunnyvale CA, is it possible I bring this kit to ST office and someone can debug this or give me a replacement?

posted by PixArt Imaging 05 May 2017

Any comment, ST team?

posted by PixArt Imaging 12 May 2017
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