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Problem to send SMS using SARA G350

I am trying to connect via GSM with SARA G350 using C027_Support_Test example. The board recognize the SIM but the connection is denied with CSD registration denied. Does anyone know why this problem is happening? I have already tried with a prepaid and with a non prepaid SIM card and both got the same message. /media/uploads/igorsilva/serialsara.png

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2 years, 9 months ago.

Hi Igor,

might be a problem with network operator settings, maybe signal strength..

You should consider issuing AT commands manually, to set the module in a correct way and successfully register with your SIM.

Feel free to contact me via private message, I can guide you through some checks you can do in case you don't know how to proceed.

I hope this helps, Jaka

In addition: CSD stands for circuit switched data, so, make sure that this service is available for your sim/network operator - allowed services and CSD settings. As I explained try issuing AT commands to MDM manually to see where is the problem (use MDM transparent serial example)

Regards, Jaka

posted by Jaka Bevk 01 Sep 2016

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