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Is there an USB host sample ?

Hi, All is in title. Is there a way to use an USB as host on this board ? (ublox c027) ? Is there sample code (I want to use an usb stick) ? Regards

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The CPU on that board is an LPC1768 so the standard code here should work. However you'd have to modify the hardware, as standard the USB lines from the CPU are connected to the modem module and aren't available for the user to connect to.

But you're inadvertently raised a far more important question: Should it be "a USB" or "an USB", an seems like it should be correct but it sounds very wrong... ;-)

Accepted Answer

It is "a USB", because you pronounce it as 'You Es Bee". You don't use "an" when the first letter of the next word is a vowel, but if it sounds like a vowel. And for USB it does not sound like a vowel :).

posted by Erik - 02 Aug 2016