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Windows 10 - unable to program and run code


Some of our customers that are using a Nucleo board are running into the same problem like the following user:


We have been unable to debug the issue since we can't reproduce the problem. What are the things that can cause this erratic behavior? A program can be perfectly loaded using a windows 7 machine or a mac, but when using windows 10, the program won't even start. Flashing the device using the USB storage method is not working either on those affected windows 10 machines.

So far we have only seen this happen on windows 10.


Kind regards, Quicksand.

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ST-Link debug interface can’t work without STSW-LINK009 driver. http://www.st.com/content/st_com/en/products/embedded-software/development-tool-software/stsw-link009.html

So, please try with download of this driver and let me know if this workaround resolves your issue or problem still exists.

In my experience even with the driver Win10 it doesn't work well debugging with ST-Link. I have had to resort to a Win7 VM to do any debugging.

posted by William Garrido 21 Jun 2016
4 years, 8 months ago.

Hi I have same problem too, I cant load and debug the code to Nucleo-L152RE board even I've install STSW-LINK009 driver and upgrade STSW-Link007 firmware on nucleo board. what should i do? any suggestion?

I can confirm that installing the drivers did not fix the issue. The only problem is we can't reproduce this with any of our own local machines. Are you also running Windows 10? We have Windows 10 computers that don't have this issue, but a select few customers that do.

posted by Quicksand micro-electronics 24 Jun 2016

This may or may not be of help finding the issue: I've had programs not work on clean installs of windows 10 but work fine on machines which were upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10. In order to find the cause I had to run a windows 10 virtual machine with a clean install on my windows 10 machine which had been upgraded from 7.

The issue was caused by differing DLL search paths on the two systems. On a clean windows 10 install the driver DLLs for a required device weren't getting picked up resulting in a silent crash on startup, copying them to the application directory fixed the issue. On the upgraded from 7 machines they could be wherever the driver installation placed them and were automatically found.

These were completely different drivers and programs but if you see the same issue, it works on upgrades but not clean installs, then it gives you a starting point.

posted by Andy A 24 Jun 2016

What file did you copy to where? I am running on a clean install and I would like to see if this works for me. It would be a relief to get it working.

posted by William Garrido 24 Jun 2016
2 years, 6 months ago.

My Machine just did the update to latest windows 10 home 1803 and my NUCLEO_152RE will no longer accept new firmware.

the last successful flash can still use the USB to serial , the device still appears as storage but the firmware will no longer update

Hi Please be sure that your NUCLEO FW version is the last version, ie 2.31.21


Regards, Jerome

posted by Jerome Coutant 13 Aug 2018

Hi this was done, as was also the STSW-LINK009 driver.

posted by rod palmer 13 Aug 2018

Hi, uninstall STSW-LINK009 (maybe clean old version of windows like folders WindowsOld), restart pc, download new file from ST and install again.

I use the Nucleo with the latest version of W10 Pro without a problem. The firmware update works too.

posted by Jan Kamidra 13 Aug 2018