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Keil evaluation copy limitations and Nordic Puck library

Hi, All!

Does anyone able to compile location-puck example from Nordic Team on Keil v5? As I understand, exported projects includes all code as sources, and don't import precompiled libraries. For example, 'empty' location-puck program compiles to 47 KB binaly image, and, evaluation version of linker doesn't use it (because of 32 KB limitation). So, is it possible to get precompiled mbed lib and puck lib or any other way to get started with puck lib on evaluation copy of compiler? Of course, ordinary libraries can be used, but I like the way of mbed compiler and wish use local Keil copy only for debugging purposes.

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You can hardly compile a "hello world" and be less than 32k. The free evaluation applications are worthless. Don't bother.

Some M0 based mbeds only have 32k of flash. You can still do a lot with that.

Printing hello world requires the stdio libraries and comes in at about 10k because of that. If you don't use printf then the minimum binary size is around 2k.

posted by Andy A 26 Mar 2015

Kevin, it's OK to program 'Hello World', but I spent time for this more than 20 years ago in mid school ;) And we should note that Nordic Examples included in Keil Packs is able to compile by eval version. Many of us stays here for a hobby, and can't pay 3.5K Euros for Keil license. So, ARM guys, is it still any way to debug mbed programs with evaluation Keil?

posted by Dmitry Krivetskov 26 Mar 2015