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starting set up

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Does this GPS module start receiving NMEA data as soon as it is powered up at the first time? Is any extra set up needed?

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For this GPS receiver there is a 34 Second warm/cold start delay, but it also depends on your location, and how many satalites are availble for a fix, also trying to get a fix in a building or in a built up area may not work, as the signal will be too weak.

Accepted Answer

I don't know this specific module but most start to output NMEA very quickly, how long they take to output a position is a different matter and will depend on the situation. Always ensure your system can handle empty NMEA strings or ones where the position type is set to none.

To answer the unanswered part of the original question - No first time setup required, the default will be to start to output NMEA as soon as the internal CPU is up and running.

posted by Andy A 15 Feb 2016

Thank you for your answer! My receiver didn't output over 30 minutes in a open lawn. The status led shows that it is no fix position. Is that normal? Shall I wait longer? As it's so cold outside... Thank you!

posted by Zoe Zhang 16 Feb 2016

Zhi Zhang, You may be in an area that is not covered by GPS for some reason. If you have a friend who is able to get a GPS fix then take your project to that area and try. I don't know what else to suggest.

posted by David Fletcher 19 Feb 2016

yes, I try to print all the data that it received and found that only time information is available... thank you very much!

posted by Zoe Zhang 19 Feb 2016