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how to connect RC receiver

hi. I want to use my FLYSKY FS-R6B RC receiver. how i must connect the receiver to mbed LPC1768 to read PPM? or use flyBed2 program?

Please help me.


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This should be possible for you pretty straight forward. If possible make sure your receiver works first, so you don't run into any problems there. Then hook up one channel (for example throttle) of the receiver to check if you get it right. The other channels will be analogous. every channel has 3 Pins: the 3.3V positive (hook this to 3.3V VOUT), the GND (hook this to GND of the LPC), the signal (hook this to virtually any digital pin you like EXCEPT pin 19 and 20). See the schematic of my copter for comparison: /media/uploads/manumaet/flybed2.pdf

Then you need at least the RC folder of my FlyBed2 program and something to show values (like my PC folder to connect to the PC). Just read the comments in the main.cpp and this https://developer.mbed.org/handbook/Serial to get text output.

small channel test program

#include "RC_Channel.h" // RemoteControl Channels with PPM

RC_Channel  RC(p8,1); // instanciate the class
Serial pc(USBTX, USBRX); // tx, rx

main {
  while(1) {
   pc.printf("Channel output between 0 and 1000 (-100 for no signal): %d", RC.read());

I hope it works out for you...

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So thanks for you help and guide . I Use GY-86 for IMU sensors But can not get correct value for pitch, roll , yaw with your program.

posted by Yashar Zamani Harghalani 10 Mar 2015
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Do you know the interfaces of this device ?? is it rs232 enabled or rs485 enabled. Most probably you need to connect either serial interface (p9,p10), (p13,14) or (p27,28) pins to your device, or you might need to connect SPI interface(p5,p6,p7) to your device. These interfaces are mostly uses by the devices. Try to first figure it out the interfaces available on FLYSKY FS-R6B.

this is a pack. and only have channel output for servo or ESC.

posted by Yashar Zamani Harghalani 10 Mar 2015

hi. this device is a pack and it is a RX of radio control. and i know that this device can decode TX signals and send each channel's data for it's socket. and use a wire, look like Interrupt pin. I thing that i must hack this and connect this wire to mbed. also GND of this device must connect to mbed GND. isn't it?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Yashar Zamani Harghalani 10 Mar 2015

you need to connect the rx of the device to the tx of the mbed and tx of the device to rx of mbed, not sure whether you need to use the GND or not but . You need to use the appropriate baud rate for your communication.

posted by zain aftab 10 Mar 2015

Flysky FS-R6B is a receiver for 2.4GHz RC models. It's used to for example to remote control Servos or ESCs on a model airplane or car. The output is a PPM signal for servos no UART, SPI or other more complex protocol is used (see http://rcarduino.blogspot.ch/2012/11/how-to-read-rc-receiver-ppm-stream.html). It is some narrowed down kind of PWM but I had better experience with my quadrocopter when not using the dedicated PWM hardware as the 50Hz PPM is too slow for any improvement. My Driver reads the signal of one single channel using interrupts and very leightweight software which works best for my quadcopter.

posted by Matthias Grob & Manuel Stalder 13 Mar 2015