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need help

hi. thanks for this code.

I'm a student of Artificial Intelligence and try to Implementation Q_learning algorithm on Quad_x.

I try to compile this code but this has some errors . /media/uploads/Yashar_zam/capture1.png /media/uploads/Yashar_zam/capture2.png

You can see one of them in image 1 and other in image 2. and this program hase not config.cfg file to load. please help me to solve this problem.

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New version of quadcopter software written to OO principles

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Use Mk1, I have't finished Mk2 yet.

Here's my config.cfg file, put each item on a new line.

_yawRatePIDControllerP=2.7 _yawRatePIDControllerI=1 _yawRatePIDControllerD=0.000000 _pitchRatePIDControllerP=25 _pitchRatePIDControllerI=0 _pitchRatePIDControllerD=0.0000005 _rollRatePIDControllerP=25 _rollRatePIDControllerI=0 _rollRatePIDControllerD=0.0000005 _yawStabPIDControllerP=4.5 _yawStabPIDControllerI=0.000000 _yawStabPIDControllerD=0.000000 _pitchStabPIDControllerP=4.5 _pitchStabPIDControllerI=0.000000 _pitchStabPIDControllerD=0.001 _rollStabPIDControllerP=4.5 _rollStabPIDControllerI=0.000000 _rollStabPIDControllerD=0.001

Good luck Joe

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hi. I can not find Quadcopter_mk1 on mbed site. i see your all codes too. Guide me please Mr. Joseph. after finish my project we can join to develop it.


posted by Yashar Zamani Harghalani 08 Mar 2015